Due too a number of customers having issues with the new style clamps on their ENR's, both finding the thumbscrews to small and difficult to tighten because of their close proximity to the top of the clamp and the plastic gripping the screw, as well as customers getting them and then not being able to fit their harp in the clamps because of being thicker or thinner than standard harmonicas I'm am discontinuing the black plastic clamps effective immediately. All ENR's will be shipped with a new aluminum clamp that uses thumbscrews to directly hold the harmonica in a fashion just like that of the original clamps. The crossbars on the ENR will also switch from a round bar to a square bar.

Becuse of the change to the more "original" style clamp, ENR's will no longer work with harps having full length coverplates such as the golden melody, or harps such as the promaster.