Past Projects

Light Tent for Photography

This is a simple light tent that I built from some pvc tubing and and old bed sheet. I got the idea from another website.  I'm extremely happy with the way this worked out, and the pictures I've been taking with come out sooo much more professional looking.

Here you can see the pvc tubing frame for the light tent. I actually built two of them this weekend, one for me and the other for my friend Lawrence.

The cover was just made from an old bed sheet. I draped it over the frame and then trimmed it at each corner. Then just sewed the edges together for a snug fit. My sewing skills stink. hahaha

and here's the other one all finished up.

Here's a couple sample pictures I took of some harmonicas that I customized.

If you like taking pictures of small to medium sized items I highly recommend buildng one of these, they work great.