"Proudly Serving the Harmonica Community Since 2008"
Customized Harmonicas by Chris Reynolds

Sandy Weltman

"The harps I got from Chris really blew me away. They are extremely responsive harmonicas, for the bends, overblows and overdraws as well. Chris' attention to detail ,tuning and set up is apparent.... Oh yeah, they're pretty nice to look at as well." - Sandy Weltman

David Covill
"It is hard to believe you finished these two harps in a little more than one month. The first thing I notice is how responsive the harps are. I have always worked on tone and breath control But I can get a full rich tone with even 30% less breath than normal and still have good volume, which really makes these harps a joy to play. Absolutely every blow, draw, bend over blow and over draw is where it should be and extremely controllable and the extra weight is really nice and they look great. This first week I will only play shuffle rhythms and single notes, the second week I will start bending and the third I will begin overblowing after that the gates are open. I know it sounds like a bit of over kill but I haven't blown a reed plate in well over a year.

You can expect me to order again in the near future. Your craftsmanship is with no doubt shown in your technical skill. Thanks so much for two outstanding harps

Be well
David Covill"

Mike Danforth

"I received my harp today and it is superb..I could not be happier.. Thank you so much for your beautiful workmanship..I am sure this harp will be with me for a long long time.. best regards Mike"

Bruce Lambert
"Hi Chris,

Thought I'd drop you a note to let you know my impression of the harmonicas I bought from you and your style of business. 

I really appreciate your website because it provides tons of photos and all the info a person needs to place an order, you make it easy...and after placing the order I really appreciate your quick shipping and your high level of customer communication....and I really appreciate your modest mailing fees......very professional!

After receiving the 2 harps I ordered, both with stainless combs, I was taken with the highly polished edges of the combs, they are so smooth and beautifully fitted to the reedplates which makes playing them easy on my mouth and tongue!  Also I like the shape you've given the pieces of the comb between holes. they're very slightly rounded from one hole to the adjacent one and are ever so slightly raised above the edge of the reedplates so they are easy on my mouth and tongue making it easier to move from one note to the next.....I think you've made an improvement over the original in that portion of the comb design.....however, I'm no expert;o)

One thing that surprised me was how much I like their heavier weight compared with plastic or wooden combed harps.  They feel solid... and substantial.  and they do sound slightly different than the same reedplates on a plastic comb....I don't know if it's because they're more air tight or if my mouth and tongue more easily conform to the shape of the between hole portions of the comb or if it's something else, such as my mind playing tricks on me;o)  Whatever the reason, I like the way they sound.

Thanks for your fine design and craftsmanship......I really appreciate it!  I find it's a delight to play the 'Chris Reynolds' combed harps!

harpgrins, Bruce"

Michael Thompson
I received it today..........It is a work of art!!  very beautiful work. nice and solid, good heavy. I have been messin' around with it in the garage for the last hour or so. I will take it out this Thursday night for a Live situation.....I would be happy to testify!"

Dale Inglis
"The harmonica that Chris made for me has the most clean sound and workable action I have ever had. Heavier than most, I find it wonderful to play and you can really notice the difference. I am a relative beginer at playing, however found I can get some great sounds from my harp that I thought would take a significant amount of time to achieve.
Thanks Chris"

S�verin Marillier
"Hi Chris !
I just received my harp today and I was very impressed by the quality of your work. The sound is very different from the original in the good way of course ! The design is beautiful and precisely done..
And I would like to thank you for the good customer contact service that you done. I hope it is understandable. Continue that way !


John Glanton
I received my comb  today and wanted to give my thoughts on it. First of all, I can tell from the pictures that you do beautiful work and although the pictures on your site are well-done, there is nothing like holding it in one's hand. It is heavy and the polish alomg with the craftsmanship is unmatched. My wish and hope for you is that get tons and tons of more business because I selfishly want you to stay around so that I can continue to do business with you. Your communication was superb during our business transaction and from the care that you took in creating my stainless steel comb also shows me your respect and love for the harmonica, which I appreciate more than anything. The harmonica is often looked at as not a 'real' instrument but now with the professional look and feel of my comb, I am sure that it will catch the eyes of many. You have done your part and now it is up to me to continue to keep that attention with my playing. I haven't played it yet because I have to go home tonight and put it all together and I can't wait to get it done. Again, thank you Chris and you will hear from me again when it's time for me to order and replace my other keys of the harmonica. Just please, don't go anywhere! You're awesome!
John E."