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Ergonomic Neck Rack
Developed by Vern Smith

International customers please contact me via email before ordering so I can calculate correct shipping cost

Ergonomic Neck Rack (ENR)  Please see this page for my annoucement regarding the clamps

For the time being all ENR's will be made per order.

The Ergonomic Neck Rack shipped separately is $150 + $15 Priority Shipping 
Replacement Crossbar and Clamps is $25 + $5 Priority Shipping

The familiar bent-wire neck racks that are commonly used for diatonic harmonicas cannot be recommended for holding the HFC. Some are too small for a chromatic harmonica. Others have only one adjustment and fail to accommodate the physical differences and preferences of the players. This can place the harmonica in an awkward position where it is difficult to play. Many fail to hold it steady.

At the request of HFC musicians, the Ergonomic Neck Rack (ENR) has been developed to hold the HFC. It has four adjustments shown in the picture below (side-to-side, angle, close-far, and up-down) that will hold the HFC in any position the player chooses. It uses substantial metal parts and weighs 1.2 lbs. The neck yoke is foam padded. It offers unsurpassed comfort and stability.

Although developed for the Hands-Free-Chromatic, the Ergonomic Neck Rack is also ideal for diatonics. The extra adjustments work for them too. Diatonic users have employed terms like "the perfect rack" and "badly needed development" to express their approval.

  The Ergonomic Neck Rack shipped separately is $150 + $15 Shipping